Jolly Good CompanyDream LoverThe DeluderThe SavageThe WangateurThe DummySurvivor Of The Great American AutoclaveMaster, What Good Deeds Shall I Do?The Wretched Sound Of Mysticism DyingNever Let An Anchor DropA Moonlit Future In HellBasic, Divine EvilFrom The Carnival Of JusticeFlown To The Silent VoidA Tale Of Stellar DoomGhost LifeCrowned Upon The Ashen SunAt The Center Of Never EnoughOut Of The SkyInto The DirtA Dozen Split The Fifth ColumnSurrender Of ReasonThe Flight Of A Torn KiteThe Vulture Eats Between Its MealsCheat Death To The Very EndStockholm SyndromeBundle Of Joy, bundle Of SticksHeaven's DogsAbaddonCampfield's ContractionBapteme Du FeuCharmed Out Of Your BasketAkin's AnnunciationFaith HealerCall HimThe Redundant Nature Of EvilOn Earth As It Is In HeavenPrayer for PreyThe Vulture Eats Between Its Meals (B&W)The Beginning Of The EndAll Hell (Grey)Spasm (grey)All HellSpasmWith A WhimperWith A Whimper (grey)Mass HysteriaMass Hysteria (grey)PowersThe Eve Of DecayDrowningSevenThe Golden Ratio